Advantages of Using Microinverters in Rooftop Solar Systems

What are the advantages of using microinverters instead of string inverters in rooftop solar systems? Traditional distributed rooftop solar systems have two major safety risks: “DC high voltage risk” and “rescue risk”. However, microinverters have higher safety protection measures. Microinverters ensure that the DC voltage is <60V, with no risk of DC arcs and fires. They also have a rapid shutdown function (RSD), a high IP67 protection level, and no electrolytic capacitors, ensuring a system lifespan of up to 25 years. Additionally, microinverters can be combined with energy storage systems to form an integrated solar+storage solution that can be installed in various scenarios, such as balconies and rooftops, to meet diverse user needs. This combination can significantly increase the self-use rate of the solar system and reduce electricity costs. The energy storage solution uses AC-coupled batteries that can easily match existing solar systems, making it a perfect fit for retrofitting. Microinverters have other benefits, such as being safe, reliable, and high-yielding, with a peak conversion efficiency of up to 97.5%, 20A/current input that can perfectly adapt to 210/182 components, and an ability to output at full load at 60℃. The module-level MPPT input can increase energy output by 5%, and the system can be remotely monitored through a cloud monitoring platform for intelligent management. Our solution is a safer, more efficient, and intelligent home clean energy solution that can be applied in various scenarios and is customer-oriented. We aim to provide more competitive solar+storage products and solutions for global customers and to explore the maximum benefit of solar+storage microgrid systems for households and businesses. We will continue to strengthen technological innovation and product performance and promote the use of green clean energy in more households to achieve a green and low-carbon future. Please contact our professional team to explore the solar+storage microgrid system that can maximize your household or business benefits.

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