Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Their Benefits

More about DER

Solar panels are a common example of DER, but there are many other types of DER that can be used. Backup batteries can store excess energy generated by DER for use when the sun isn’t shining or during power outages. Emergency diesel generators are another type of DER that can provide power during emergencies.

The distributed nature of DER means that they are more resilient than traditional generation methods. For example, if one solar panel fails, other panels will still continue to generate electricity. This is in contrast to traditional power plants, where a failure in one part can lead to the entire plant shutting down.

DER can also help alleviate stress on the grid during peak periods. By generating power locally, DER can reduce the amount of energy that needs to be transmitted over long distances. This can help reduce transmission losses and lower the overall cost of electricity.

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