Energy Storage + Zero Carbon Park, Energy Storage + Home, Energy Storage + Data Center

“Energy Storage + Zero Carbon Park”;
To help industrial and commercial users achieve green transformation, we propose the “Energy Storage + Zero Carbon Park” solution;
The “Energy Storage + Zero Carbon Park” solution integrates multiple advanced technologies such as photovoltaic power generation and energy storage systems,
As a pilot project for an industrial park, the rooftop of the factory building is fully utilized to deploy photovoltaics,
A “Energy Storage + Zero Carbon Park” composed of a 280kW photovoltaic system with 672 photovoltaic modules and a 250kW/500kWh energy storage system;
Characteristics of “Energy Storage + Zero Carbon Park”:
1. Through the promotion and application of the comprehensive energy management platform, the “source-grid-load-storage” interactive mode is promoted to the park enterprises,
Gradually build a load-based aggregation platform to form a large-scale demand-side response capability;
2. The combination of energy storage and zero-carbon parks can effectively reduce the peak load of the regional power grid, reduce power grid construction investment,
Through intelligent interactive management, energy utilization efficiency can be effectively improved, and regional energy carbon emissions can be reduced;
“Energy Storage + Home”;
To improve the utilization rate of photovoltaic power generation, we propose the “Energy Storage + Home” solution, which combines household energy storage with household photovoltaics to form a household photovoltaic energy storage system;
The basic working principle is that when there is sunlight during the day, photovoltaic power generation is prioritized to supply power to household loads, and the remaining electricity is stored in energy storage batteries.
When the energy storage battery stores more electricity than needed, surplus electricity can be sold to the power grid system;
At night, the energy storage battery supplies power to household loads;
The comprehensive energy management system is the brain of household energy storage, integrating energy strategy management, operation and maintenance detection and monitoring,
While completing intelligent operation and maintenance of the system, it helps users achieve the most economical and effective application of energy;
Characteristics of “Energy Storage + Home”:
1. Greatly improve the self-use rate of household photovoltaic power generation, thereby achieving zero purchase of electricity for households;
2. Avoid losses caused by the risk of rising electricity prices and power supply shortages;
“Energy Storage + Data Center”;
The total power consumption of the data center industry is increasing at a rate of more than 10% per year;
With the rapid development of the energy storage industry, energy storage is essential for data centers that rely on electricity for uninterrupted operation;
Our “Energy Storage + Data Center” solution points out that for data centers, the key is to stabilize power consumption, and on this basis, to achieve energy saving, carbon reduction, and peak shaving;
First, energy storage can replace diesel generators as backup power sources for data centers, providing stable power supply when the mains power is cut off;
“We believe that the current joint backup power mode of energy storage and diesel generators is more cost-effective;
Reduce the oil storage capacity of diesel generators, reduce the output power of diesel generators or the number of diesel generators according to the capacity of the energy storage system, thereby realizing a low-carbon strategy;
Second, energy storage can become one of the main power sources for data centers, providing high-security daily power supply to data centers through grid connection;
The second mode is the independent backup power mode of energy storage. In a data center with multiple power supplies,
Configure a 12-hour energy storage system for discharging,
Realize that the energy storage system replaces the diesel generator;
Minimize the peak power capacity demand of the data center, store the electricity stored during the low electricity price period, avoid paying high electricity prices during the high electricity consumption period, and reduce capacity costs;
Characteristics of “Energy Storage + Data Center”:
1. Peak shaving;
2. Power grid frequency regulation;
3. Serve as a backup power source;
In the future, we will deeply explore new energy storage markets, work with partners to explore more “Energy Storage + X” application scenarios, and then achieve clean, safe and efficient energy use, and contribute to achieving the “dual carbon” goal;
Welcome to contact our professional team to explore the full set of cost-effective renewable energy photovoltaic energy storage microgrid systems for households and industrial and commercial use.

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