How to Calculate the Range of an Electric Vehicle

Today I would like to share with you how far an electric vehicle can travel, which can be calculated with a formula. Many friends who have purchased electric vehicles feel that the driving range is not as far as expected. In order to meet the demand of consumers who want to travel farther, many electric vehicle companies advertise slogans such as “able to travel 500 miles on a single charge”. However, can they really travel that far? Today I will teach you a formula that can be used at home to calculate how far an electric vehicle should be able to travel. The formula is: battery voltage multiplied by battery capacity, then multiplied by the number of cycles, and finally divided by the motor power. The result is the vehicle’s range. For example, if you ride a 48V 12Ah new national standard electric vehicle with a speed of 25 cycles and a motor power of 400 watts, the range can be calculated as 48V multiplied by 12Ah multiplied by 25 cycles, divided by 400 watts, resulting in a range of 36 kilometers. If you ride a 60V 20Ah electric vehicle that can travel up to 40 cycles and has a motor power of 600 watts, the range can be calculated as 60V multiplied by 20Ah multiplied by 40 cycles, divided by 600 watts, resulting in a range of 80 kilometers. However, actual range may be affected by factors such as road conditions and temperature, and the battery may also experience some degradation over time. I hope this formula can help you calculate the range of your electric vehicle. Follow me for more knowledge about lithium batteries.

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