How to Make Microinverters Adapt to High Temperatures?

How to make microinverters cope with high temperatures?

Firstly, we place the most important and vulnerable electrolytic capacitors of the microinverters in the coolest part of their bodies to ensure their lifespan without affecting overall performance.

Secondly, our microinverters are known for their high conversion efficiency, which means they convert as much DC power generated by PV modules into usable AC power as possible. The higher the conversion efficiency, the less heat is generated. Our microinverters have achieved the best CEC weighted efficiency of 96.5% and CEC peak efficiency of 99%, which maximizes energy harvesting and helps users get the best return on their solar investment.

The casing design of our microinverters is made to allow for fast heat dissipation (natural convection). The aluminum casing makes the product lighter and more corrosion-resistant.

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