Microgrid and Internet of Things

Microgrid and Internet of Things

For our aging power generation and transmission infrastructure, this could also be a solution. However, for you personally, you can have it in remote areas where existing transmission lines are inaccessible.

When we think about the technology that supports modern microgrids, I think we need to focus on both software and hardware. Artificial intelligence and algorithms play an important role in software.

In terms of software, renewable energy or energy production can be matched with consumption, and supply and demand optimization can be matched.

In typical microgrids, at least in complex microgrids, there are a large number of sensors, input data, artificial intelligence algorithms, and machine learning to help optimize the matching of demand and supply.

Microgrid solutions are more suitable for communities, villages, schools, hospitals, etc. It is indeed a more complex solution. The Internet of Things can play an important role.

Microgrids have different levels of complexity. For example, in pure off-grid systems, such as remote areas in Africa, microgrids can provide power to people who previously could not access electricity. You won’t have such a complex microgrid.

If we consider what you mentioned before about improving aging power infrastructure, this is definitely an Internet of Things topic.

Microgrids are mainly used to collect a large amount of data. A typical expression is that if you want to optimize a microgrid, you must go through the entire data set.

To collect this data, some data is in a stable environment, some are also mobile, some are directly concentrated in the grid, and sometimes you have to go slightly beyond the boundaries of the microgrid.

In terms of connecting endless data and sensors to the central control unit, microgrids are an ideal choice.

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