Microgrids and 5G, IoT

Microgrids and 5G, IoT

Microgrids could be a solution for our aging power generation and transmission infrastructure, as well as for remote areas where access to existing transmission lines is not possible. To support modern microgrids, we need to focus on both software and hardware, with artificial intelligence and algorithms playing an important role in software.

On the software side, renewable energy or energy production is matched with consumption, and supply and demand are optimized. In a typical microgrid, there are a lot of sensors, input data, artificial intelligence algorithms, and machine learning to help optimize the matching of demand and supply. Microgrid solutions are better suited for communities, villages, schools, and hospitals, and are indeed a more complex solution. IoT can definitely play an important role, as microgrids have different levels of complexity.

For purely off-grid systems, such as in remote areas of Africa, microgrids can provide electricity for people who previously could not access it for the first time. Microgrids are mainly used to collect large amounts of data, and 5G is an ideal choice for connecting infinite data and sensors to the central control unit.

If you are interested in designing digital energy microgrids, please feel free to contact our professional design team and understand the development engineers of the IoT and new energy industry.

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