Residental Energy Storage All in one 5KW-6KW

5 kW Hybrid Inverter
– Expandable 5.1 – 20.4 kWh Battery Packs
– Built with CATL’s Ultra-Safe LFP Cells
– G98 & G99 UK VDE and all Europe Grid Certified
– Both AC and DC-coupled
– Customisable charging and discharging periods
– Great for retrofitting and storage of off-peak electricity
– 4.6 kW backup power supply protects the home from power outage
– Designed to support fully off-grid operation
– 10-year, 10,000-cycle battery performance warranty.

All-In-One System
– 5 kW Hybrid Inverter
– Expandable 5.1 – 20.4 kWh Battery Packs
– Built with CATL’s Ultra-Safe LFP Cells (10,000 charging cycles)
Safe: Super stable CATL LFP battery cells; IP65 designed for outdoor installation;
Customisable Configuration: Choose a 3.68 kW or 5 kW hybrid inverter (export limit can be set to zero or reduced to 10W) and add up to four battery packs (5.1 kWh each)

AC-coupled: Simple retrofitting installation setup and storage of off-peak electricity from the grid with customisable charging & discharging time periods

DC-coupled: Directly charged by DC from solar PVs and supports two MPPT (two arrays of panels) and 1.3x DC overload (5kW x 1.3 = 6.5 kW; 3.68 kW x1.3 = 4.8 kW)

Super fast charging: 1.8 hours for 10.2 kWh (2 battery packs); 3.6 hours for 20.4 kWh (4 battery packs) – figures for the 5 kW inverter system charged by grid AC

EPS function provides an uninterrupted backup power supply (4.6 kW) when the grid fails (automatic on/off gird switch in less than 6 ms)

Go fully off-grid: The system can be powered by just solar PV and no grid AC power is required

Simple: Modular and Plug & Play design; Installation can be carried out by a single installer in 2 hours
Industry-leading warranty: 10,000-cycle and 10-year performance warranty guarantees at least 80% of the original capacity within the warranty period

User-friendly: Mobile and desktop apps for monitoring operating status, and analysing historical energy production & consumption.
Hybrid inverter dimension: 540*590*240mm
Weight: 32KG
Battery dimension: 540*490*240mm
Weight: 54KG