Technical Issues with Microinverters: High Power PV Modules and MPPT Efficiency

Micro inverters are known to have some technical issues, with two of them related to high-power photovoltaic (PV) modules and MPPT efficiency.

In terms of compatibility, most micro inverters have a power range that supports mainstream PV modules. However, it is important to check if they are compatible with the specific high-power modules you plan to use. In the case of our micro inverter, we have a full range of products from 300VA to 2250VA that are compatible with all mainstream 166/182/210mm modules, with power ranges from 300W to 670W. Additionally, our micro inverter is highly flexible and can be connected to one, two, or four modules at the same time. This means that you do not need as many inverters as you have modules, allowing you to make the most of your rooftop no matter how complex it is. If you are unsure which products to purchase, you can consult with our experts.

When selecting a micro inverter, MPPT efficiency is also an important factor. MPPT is used to adjust solar installations for maximum performance under different conditions, such as sunlight or temperature. MPPT efficiency refers to the efficiency of the micro inverter in tracking the maximum power point, which determines the output power you get from each panel. The higher the MPPT efficiency, the greater your return on investment in solar energy.

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