Advantages of Micro Inverters Compared to Traditional String Inverters

What are the advantages of micro inverters compared to traditional string inverters?

In traditional string systems, modules are connected in series, resulting in a DC circuit with high voltage (600-1000V) that can arc and cause fires, especially at high temperatures. Micro inverters use a fully parallel circuit design, eliminating the risk of fire caused by high voltage DC arcing. In addition, the low DC voltage (less than 60 volts) ensures that rescue efforts are not impeded in case of a fire.

Maximized energy production
Shading, dirt, and other factors can cause individual modules to underperform, reducing the power output of the entire string in traditional systems. Micro inverters address this problem by using independent maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for each module, ensuring that each module operates at maximum power output. This means that the power output of one module will not affect the rest of the system.

Reduced maintenance costs
Through the SOLAR-COM intelligent monitoring and operation platform, the energy communication unit (ECU) can collect data from each micro inverter, including voltage, current, power, and other information. In case of a malfunction, the system can quickly locate the problem, saving time and money on maintenance.

High reliability
SOLAR-COM micro inverters are designed to last 25 years and undergo rigorous quality and reliability testing, including high and low temperature testing, salt spray testing, waterproof testing, drop testing, and vibration testing. Third-party testing companies like DNL-GL also verify the performance of the micro inverters, ensuring that they meet or exceed industry standards.

Flexible expansion and retrofitting
Micro inverters are integrated with PV modules, allowing for modular design and easy installation. They are also small in size and can be installed in various orientations and angles, making them adaptable to different installation scenarios. In addition, micro inverters make it easy to expand and retrofit existing systems, as the number of inverters can be adjusted according to the needs of the system.

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