How to choose photovoltaic modules?

How to choose photovoltaic modules?
Different types and specifications of photovoltaic modules can be selected according to the specific situation of the installation site. The size of the module is determined by the effective utilization area of the installation site. If you want to install a larger capacity per unit area, you can choose high-efficiency modules. Different frame colors can also be selected according to the appearance of the existing building, and the length of the connector can be determined according to the on-site series-parallel connection method.
The selection of modules requires comprehensive consideration of installation area, installed capacity, cost and other factors. Generally, modules with good reputation, good quality, certification (including fire protection level), and good after-sales service should be selected.
Double-sided glass can generate electricity, and the power generation capacity can last for 30 years. If it is used on the ground, the long-term return on investment is better. N-type has higher power generation efficiency than P-type.
If appearance is a concern, all-black panels can be chosen. If price is a concern, black-framed ordinary panels can be selected.

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