Advantages of Replacing String Inverters with Micro Inverters in Rooftop PV Systems

Advantages of replacing string inverters with micro inverters in rooftop PV systems include higher security protection measures, ensuring DC voltage <60V with no DC arc and fire hazard, and a rapid shutdown function (RSD). The micro-inverter also has a high IP67 protection level, ensuring the safety of the system. It has no electrolytic capacitors, ensuring a system life of up to 25 years. An AC coupling scheme can be used to integrate the micro-inverter and energy storage system, making it easier to install and increasing the self-use rate of photovoltaic systems. The benefits of micro-inversion include safety and reliability, high income, high conversion efficiency, and intelligent operation and maintenance. The micro-inverter has a peak conversion efficiency of 97.5%, high current input, and no load derating at high temperature. It also has module-level MPPT input and intelligent management of the system to achieve efficient use of energy. The goal is to provide safer and more efficient home clean energy solutions, reduce the cost of electricity consumption, and build a new ecology of household energy consumption. The company is always customer-oriented and provides global customers with more competitive optical storage products and solutions. In the future, they will continue to strengthen technological innovation and develop the global household market with leading products and services.

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