Comprehensive surpassing of lithium iron phosphate (LIFE4PO) batteries over ternary batteries

Today, I will share with you about the comprehensive surpassing of lithium iron phosphate (LIFE4PO) batteries over ternary batteries. The main application areas of LIFE4PO include power batteries and non-power batteries. In the non-power battery field, it mainly involves three directions of application: 5G base station energy storage, new energy generation end energy storage, and replacement of lead-acid market. In the 5G base station energy storage field, considering the battery performance and the electroplating cost of energy storage, many domestically installed energy storage projects use LIFE4PO batteries. Additionally, according to the plans and bidding requirements of the three major operators and base station construction, LIFE4PO batteries have become the optimal choice for base station backup power storage batteries. In the power battery field, LIFE4PO is mainly used as a portable storage power source for various types of vehicles, such as buses, electric bicycles, photovoltaic energy storage, and RV energy storage. Currently, various popular models of new energy manufacturers both domestically and abroad have started to adopt iron lithium batteries. It is expected that the demand for LIFE4PO will continue to exceed expectations in the future, with an estimated demand of 2.07 million tons in China by 2025. Therefore, it can be foreseen that LIFE4PO will become a new trend in the market in the future.

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