How does our microgrid system help you refine operations and improve investment returns for new energy projects?

How does our microgrid system help you refine operations and improve investment returns for new energy projects? This is a professional microgrid management solution we provide for new energy brand owners, property owners, and investors. With precise monitoring, we meet the needs of property owners, manage operations, and improve new energy efficiency and investment returns. The main demands of existing commercial energy storage users include:

1. After-sales operation and maintenance department:

Unified platform fault monitoring for products of various types in multiple locations, reducing regulatory difficulty.

Work order mode to improve response time and management efficiency.

Online storage of system after-sales manuals and key technical data to improve data storage standardization.

2. Finance and business analysis department:

Complete operation data recording, customizable visual dashboard to facilitate the discovery of operational anomalies and excellent operational models.

Automatic generation of grid connection, photovoltaic power generation, and sharing data to facilitate financial revenue statistics.

Remote power disconnection for overdue payments to assist in debt collection.

3. Research and production department:

Remote equipment upgrades.

Integrating equipment faults with MES&IPD systems and quickly identifying research and production reasons to optimize design and production processes.

4. Party A and property management:

Clear revenue situation and financial accounting to facilitate statistics.

Good supervision of equipment operation and no monitoring blind spots for safe production.

For example, the investor of a photovoltaic and energy storage project invests in 100-200-degree energy storage small commercial power plants in different locations. As an investor or operator, they need to be aware of:

1. Daily actual power generation of photovoltaic panels.

2. Inverter operation.

3. Load usage.

4. Operation status of each battery cell.

5. Background configuration of energy storage strategies.

Based on the load electricity usage and local electricity prices, the background can automatically or manually adjust the energy storage strategy to maximize peak-valley arbitrage revenue.

Through back-end monitoring and alarm systems, problems can be promptly identified, and warnings can be issued for safety or severity issues, with notifications and feedback on the processing results.

If any equipment malfunctions, remote operation by back-end personnel is possible. If remote operation is not possible, the microgrid operation module will automatically remind and issue work orders, requiring on-site personnel to handle and reply.

The revenue situation is calculated based on the various investments of the power plant at intervals to ensure the reliability and continuous operation of the entire system.

Therefore, this system is more suitable for household energy storage dealers or small commercial energy storage investors to control potential risks and improve sustainable revenue.

The system can also be divided into a multi-level management system. For example, the general dealer can see all the devices, while the dealers below only see their own devices.

On the one hand, all devices can be actually remotely upgraded and controlled. It is possible to remotely see which inverter or battery is not working properly and try to solve it remotely. It can also remind after-sales personnel to actively investigate on-site problems, predict problems, and avoid more serious problems.

For small commercial energy storage, it is also to improve safety and increase revenue because once the equipment is not working properly, it will reduce revenue or even cause accidents, which need to be dealt with urgently.

How is our software architecture implemented?

Our software architecture is divided into the following modules:

1. PC management and APP HMI front-end:

Including manufacturer management platform, operator management platform, channel management platform, and terminal cooperation management platform.

2. Application cloud service background:

Including site management, equipment management, operation and maintenance management, financial management, work order management, and battery lifecycle management.

3. IOT platform:

Including high-concurrency cloud services and terminal management cloud services.

4. Field management and acquisition transmission layer:

Including local protocol gateway equipment, comprehensive energy management equipment, 4G/5G routing gateway equipment.

5. Field execution layer:

Including battery system, cooling circulation system, PCS system, measurement system, fire protection system, photovoltaic system, local display system.

In addition, the background and PC and APP front-end functional modules include:

1. Power station overview, including photovoltaic overview, energy storage overview, and brief summary of grid, photovoltaic, load, and energy storage conditions.

2. Power station profile.

3. Power station management, including management of power stations in different locations, communication management machines, equipment management, power supply strategy management, and electricity price setting.

4. Data monitoring, monitoring specific data for each power station.

5. Electricity statistics, statistics of electricity consumption.

6. Intelligent analysis, understanding the operation of each site through charts.

7. Energy storage topology, single integrated topology and supervision platform for cities.

8. System management, related permissions and hierarchical notification settings for the background.

9. System monitoring, monitoring and alarm system for the entire system.

10. System tools, system settings.

We are committed to listening and understanding your needs and can provide customized development that best suits your needs. Please contact our professional team to explore the maximum revenue-generating light charging and storage microgrid system for households and businesses.

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